Business solutions?

KonnectR is an awesome socialization tool, but it is also a platform to leverage business opportunities in different contexts.

What can do for your business?

Better networking in professional events

Professional events are meant to let a community gather and exchange. Networking is a core added value to visitors.

We offer the opportunity to have a longer lasting event band. Inside and outside of the opening hours of your show, your visitors can use KonnectR and remain into your brand environment to socialize and get the best of the their business trip.

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Breaking the silos

Every big corporation is composed of highly specialized teams, by competencies and by target industries. This structuring enhances productivity and control but sometimes affects the brand in the front of the customer and in the eye of the employees.

KonnectR could be use to help your corporation to better know itself. Employees can use it on a regular basis at their lunch or outside of their working hours to socialize with people sharing their values.

Driving people to your venue

You have a successful bar, a nicely decorated caf├ęs providing awesome espresso and fantastic frappuccino? Nevertheless you always have low visits at some point of the week or the day.

Every meeting that happens in KonnectR is happening in a public venue. We can offer you a real time marketing, driving customers when you need them.